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Rehearsal Studio FAQ

Where is your studio located?

Our rehearsal studio is located in the basement level of One Waterfront Towers at 419 South St. with the main entrance of the studio on Pohukaina St.

I cant find the entrance to the studio, where is it?

The studio entrance is down a loading ramp off of Pohukaina St. The ramp leads down to a double door entrance to the basement level. Note: There is also a rear entrance down a loading ramp on Auahi St.

How can I contact you?

Phone or Text: (808) 286-6710 Email:

What are your hours?

Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm Sat-Sun 8am-11pm After Hours: If you would like to book outside our normal hours just call and we may be able to arrange something.


Street parking only. All street metered parking is free after 6pm Monday through Saturday, and free all day Sunday. Most of our clients find parking along Pohukaina St. More parking is available on Keawe St, Auahi St, and South St. There are also paid public parking directly across from our main entrance at the Keauhou parking garage.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash only for rehearsals. We have a cash drop box in the studio. All you need to do is fill out your name, date, and hours of practice on a blank envelope located on the side of the box and drop it along with the money into the box after your session is done.

Where are the restrooms?

The restrooms are located one door over from STUDIO A and just down the same hall for STUDIO B. The bathroom keys are located on hooks attached to the mic cabinet. These bathrooms are cleaned and restocked daily by the janitorial staff. Please make sure the bathroom keys are placed back on the hook when you are done with your session and not left in the restroom or accidentally taken home with you. If the bathroom keys are missing please contact us at (808) 286-6710.

What is your Cancelation Policy?

There is no cancelation fee if you cancel at least 24hrs before of the start of your session. If you book online, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your booking with a link to cancel or reschedule if needed. If you try to cancel a booking online with less than 24hrs left to the start of your session, our booking software will require you to call us to cancel. You will be charged a late cancelation fee of 50% of your total booking amount if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the session.

What are the instructions to unlock/lock the studio door?

Our rehearsal room is outfitted with digital keypad locks. You will receive a 6 digit door code the morning of your rehearsal. Door open instructions: 1. Press the palm or back of your hand on the keypad and it will illuminate. 2. Enter your 6 digit code 3. Press * to unlock. 4. Open door Door close instructions: 1. Make sure deadbolt is not engaged 2. Close door fully behind you 3. Touch the keypad with the back of your hand or Palm 4. Door will lock

Food and Drink Policy?

Food and drink is permitted as long as clients clean up and throw away all trash from their rehearsals in the dumpster trash which is located at the bottom of the loading ramp as you walked in. We have signs on designated tables that you will be able to use for food and drink. We ask that you do not put any food or drink on or by the mixer/mixer stand, mic cabinet, guitar/bass amps, stools, or drum riser. You are however, able to move the food/drink tables anywhere in the studio for your session.

Is smoking or vaping allowed?

No, smoking and vaping are prohibited in all enclosed areas within our building without exception.

Is alcohol allowed?

No, alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises. No exceptions.

How much people can I fit in the studio?

5-7 members in STUDIO A and 7-9 members in STUDIO B.

What equipment do you provide for rehearsals?

We provide the PA system, vocal mics, guitar amps, bass amp, drum set, and cymbals. Clients must bring their own guitars, keyboards, drumsticks, and effects pedals.

Does the hourly fee include setup and breakdown time?

Yes, however everything is ready to go and if you come prepared, you should be able to set up within 10 mins or less. The mixer runs through a DBX Driverack processor with anti-feedback and EQ to minimize the feedback issues, so getting levels set should be as easy as pulling up a fader and go.

What is else provided with the rehearsal drumkit?

Our drumkits come complete with cymbals, snare, throne, and a single pedal. The drummer would need to bring sticks and whatever else they’d like to replace on the kit for the session.

How do I turn everything on/off?

Everything, including fans, surge protectors, and lamps are hooked up to (1) power switch located directly below the mixer in each studio.

If there is no one booked after me can I extend our session?

Yes, absolutely. If there is no one scheduled after and you would like to extend, please call us to verify the extension. You will be required to pay for the additional extended time at the conclusion of the session.

Late night or after hours bookings?

For Late night bookings (after 10pm) please be aware that the security personnel lock the outside doors around 10pm for the safety of those down in the business suites late at night. If you get locked out for whatever reason, please call us at (808) 286-6710.

What if something is not working/broken at the studio?

If something stops working during your rehearsal session, please notify us immediately at (808) 286-6710.

What happens if I forget something at the studio?

If you forget something at the studio, please contact us immediately at (808) 286-6710. We check the studio daily and utilize 24/7 video surveillance to make sure lost items are returned to you ASAP.

What is your equipment downtime policy?

With the constant and daily use of equipment in the studio, it is almost impossible to guarantee that a piece of equipment will not break down at some point in the future. To combat this, we have purchased backup equipment located offsite that can be swapped out for the non-working item within a day. If a piece of gear does happen to breakdown before your session, we will notify you of the cancelation and you will need to reschedule your session online.

Do you have WiFi in the studio?

Yes, we have WiFi in both studio rooms. The network name and password are located on the mixer and music stands.

What if the fire/smoke alarm goes off?

Please follow the illuminated exit signs to the nearest exit. The basment area has (3) total exits: Pohukaina St, Auahi St, and South St. There is also a fire suppression sprinkler system in each studio and fire extinguishers located in the hallways.

What are the studio terms and conditions?

Please click here to view the studio terms and conditions.


Equipment Rental FAQ

Where do I pick-up and drop-off rental equipment?

Rental equipment is picked up and dropped off at our studio location. We may allow another designated pick-up or drop-off point at our discretion.

How can I contact you if I have questions about the rental gear?

Phone or Text: (808) 286-6710 Email:

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Paypal, and Venmo for rentals.

What types of equipment do you rent?

We rent out live sound equipment packages, microphones, and backline gear(guitar amps, bass amps/cabinets, drums sets, cymbals, select stringed instruments).

What is NOT provided with your rentals?

Guitar/instrument cables, tuners, guitar pedals, and drumsticks are not included with our rentals.

What if the rented gear is not working/broken?

We try our best to minimize the potental for broken gear by making sure our inventory is serviced regularly and stored in a climate controlled storage. In addition to our gear maintenace, we also verify that the gear is in fully working order before it is turned over to you. We also verify that the equipment is in full working order after it has been returned; before it is allowed back into our active rental inventory.

What happens if I loose or break the rented gear while its in my care?

Once the equipment leaves our facilities, it becomes your responsibility to return the rented gear in full working order. If it is determined that the gear was broken or lost due to negligence on your part, you will be required to pay in full for the repair or replacement of the item.

What is your equipment downtime policy?

It is almost impossible to guarantee that gear will not break down at some point in the future, but we try our best to minimize the potental for broken gear by making sure our inventory is serviced regularly and stored in a climate controlled space. In the event that a piece of gear does break, we have replacements/substitutions for some of our equipment in storage offsite. If we are unable to replace or substitue the equipment for your specified gear rental, we will notify you immediately and cancel the rental.