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Studio Terms and Conditions

Studio Terms and Conditions

West One Hawaii books artists that respect the equipment, and each other.  Please follow the rules/guidelines below.


Clients must cancel or reschedule online bookings with at least 24 hours advanced notice. Failure to cancel an online booking via email, text, or phone at least 24 hours before the start of the scheduled session will be charged a cancelation fee of 50% of the total booking amount.  Clients must give 48hrs advanced notice of cancelation if bookings were made over the phone.  Failure to do so will result in the same cancelation fee charge of 50% of the total booking amount. Clients must give minimum 7 days advance notice of cancelation for Lock Out bookings. Failure to do so will result in the same cancelation fee charge of 50% of the booking amount.


Clients are required to pay in full before the beginning of each rehearsal, and shall make payment to the studio in cash. No personal checks are accepted.

No smoking or vaping allowed in any enclosed areas within our building or within 20ft of the entrances, exits, or ventilation intakes of the building  .  No exceptions.

No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises. No exceptions.

No pets allowed in the Studio.  Service animals may be allowed if proper documentation is provided.


No loitering or smoking on the loading ramps outside the building before and after your booked rehearsal session.


The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time. If clients are late for any reason, they will be charged from the scheduled session start time. 


If another group is scheduled in the studio immediately before yours, please wait outside the studio until your session time begins.

Clients are allowed a maximum grace period of 15 minutes before and after their session, if there is no one booked before or after.  If Client enters sooner or leaves the studio later than the grace period allows for the scheduled session, the Client will be charged for an additional hour of rehearsal time.

If Client goes over their scheduled end time by 30 mins or more without approval of the extension from West One Hawaii, the client is responsible to pay for an additional hr of rehearsal time.


Fighting, harsh strong language, profanity, mistreatment or disrespect of any West One Hawaii’s staff or others, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Violators will be asked to leave; the proper authorities will be called; and violators may be prosecuted.


The rehearsal studios are not to be used as a live show venue in which the sound and volume levels are excessive.  Volume levels should not be turned up to a point to disturb other bands or neighboring businesses.  Client agrees to turn the volume down when requested.


Damages to studio property of any kind that are a result of misuse by anyone in the Client’s party or group will be charged to Client.  Costs will be assessed for damage or breakage to any items owned by West One Hawaii within the practice room, including but not limited to: drywall, ceiling tile, carpet, furniture, drums, cymbals, microphones, microphone stands, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, cords, and acoustic treatment.

Food and drink is permitted as long as clients clean up and throw away all trash from their rehearsals in the dumpster trash which is located at the bottom of the loading ramp as you walked in. We have signs on designated tables that you will be able to use for food and drink.  Do not put any food or drink on or by the mixer/mixer stand, mic cabinet, guitar/bass amps, stools, or drum riser. You are however, able to move the food/drink tables anywhere in the studio for your session.


Only authorized clients may operate the sound system.


Do not drag equipment, tables or chairs across the floor.  Please pick them up and carry them.


Clients may be allowed additional people (other than the band) in the studio during rehearsals, but only at the sole discretion of the studio staff.  


The studio is not responsible for any property left on premises by Client.


Usage of loading ramps on either side of the building should be limited to 15 minutes for loading/unloading of instruments and gear. Vehicles parked on the loading ramps longer then 15 minutes may be towed at owner’s expense.


Late night rehearsals may be booked at studio’s sole discretion, and additional “after hours” rates may apply. 


Studio’s liability with respect to "downtime" of any and all rehearsal sessions as a result from equipment malfunction or availability, personnel, acts of nature or public utility companies, etc., shall be limited solely to the rehearsal time of such booked session; and Clients agree to hold studio harmless from any and all damages from such "downtime".


Studio makes no warranties either expressed or implied other than those contained herein. Studio shall not be liable for unforeseen consequential damages of any kind.  Should our studio be unable to conduct a booked rehearsal session for any reason, the studio warrants that it shall re-book such canceled booking at another time that is mutually available to Studio and the Client.


Rates, policies, and equipment may change without displayed, written or verbal notice.


Groups with minors (under age 18) must be accompanied by an adult supervisor.  Do not leave minors unattended in the studios.


The Client will be held responsible for rehearsal fees, late fees, and for the actions of the band and the accompanied guest(s) during any and all rehearsals.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines

The safety of our customers is our top priority.  We have implemented a number of actions to protect  you, our business, and the surrounding communities in which we operate.

  • Perform routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces (light switches, door handles, musical instruments, sound mixer, microphones, cords) with sanitizing spray.

  • Provide clients cleaning wipes in each room for sanitization.

  • Anti-viral spraying 

  • Utilize HEPA air purifiers with integrated UV lamps to cleanse the air in studios.

  • Perform cleaning of rooms with UV-C sanitizing lamps to deep clean studio surfaces.




For the safety of yourself and others, please follow the guidelines below when using our studio facilities.


If you or any members within your group are sick, please reschedule your booking for a later time.

Please wear face masks while in public areas on  property (hallways, bathrooms, etc.) and while entering and exiting the studio.  Face masks are recommended but not required within the room during rehearsal.

Practice social distancing within the studio whenever possible.

We highly recommend musicians bring their own microphones and drumsticks to rehearsal.  If using our supplied microphones or drumsticks, please use the available wipes to sanitize the equipment before use.

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